Book MerryCoach to design and deliver your next organisational development program or change intervention to assist you in achieving your corporate performance goals. My consulting interventions are specifically tailored to organisational context, culture and performance requirements. I enjoy partnering with you to ensure your needs are met in a creative and sustainable manner. Programs and interventions can be delivered face-to-face, online via webinar, or a blend of both mediums.

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Coaching is a powerful goal-setting method that moves you from where you are now to where you want to be. Work one-on-one with your coach to define your goals, develop strategies and create measurements to achieve success. Your coach keeps you accountable for the decisions you make to help you achieve your goals.

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"Veronica delivered a highly engaging webinar and a thought-provoking guest blog for our university students on the topic of achieving goals in work, life and study. I highly recommend Veronica and greatly appreciated her professionalism, preparedness, enthusiasm and responsiveness in working together to deliver helpful strategies for the participants. She is a joy to work with" (Emma Bell, Senior Online Outreach Officer, University Sector).


"Never have I met anyone with the ability to present fresh perspectives and expert insight like Veronica does naturally. I have had the privilege of using the MerryCoach service through a key transition period in my life, studies and career. She has a particularly impressive ability to simplify difficult concepts and present key information, explanations and guidance in an appealing, user-friendly format. Veronica has seasoned experience within academia and is able to effortlessly share the skills, techniques, and expertise that she has accumulated through her studies. I highly recommend MerryCoach to anyone who wants to maximise their learning potential." (Liam Moore, Project Manager,  Private Sector).